She's Baaaaack …


Nurse K ditched the “CLOSED” sign and is back to writing … with a vengeance. May be a limited time engagement, but catch up while you can. And while you’re over there, congratulate her on hitting the 1 million pageview mark.

I was going to say that K’s new posts made me think that she had been on vacation with Cranky Prof, but Cranky Prof has had some excellent stuff as usual and has only dropped a couple of f-bombs in the past month. Must be a mix of school stress and recurrent Swoo Fline … er … um swine flu in all the students who are slacking off.


  1. Had like an explosion of pent-up F-bombs that I needed to release. Sort of like how little old men come in needing a Foley cath placed for urinary retention and you get like 1500 cc out, but, under normal circumstances the old guy would pee the same amount only like 200cc at a time…

    I have like F-bomb retention…awww…much better.

  2. The Bacon Lung at our house has been fierce and unrelenting. I promise I’ll get back to calling motherfuckers left and right as I see ’em!

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