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I keep a list of medical blogs sorted by category over in the righthand margin. If you have a medical blog and want it listed, please e-mail it to me at whitecoat-at-epmonthly-dot-com and I will add it to the list.

During down time over the past week, I had an opportunity to read some blogs that I haven’t visited as regularly as I used to.

First, I’m saddened to say that almost all of the blogs that motivated me to start blogging are now gone or dormant. While they’re gone, they’re definitely not forgotten:
MonkeyGirl – my official big sis who still can’t distinguish impotence from emergency departments
Nurse K – now carrying a clipboard and working for JCAHO
Scalpel – sipping tropical drinks somewhere on an island after opening an acute care clinic and getting out of the ED
Ten of Ten – stresses of administrative medicine became too great
PandaBear, MD – now working as an advisor to the Republican party
ER Nursey – blog boarded up and vanished from the blogosphere

Only one of my original motivators still remains: GruntDoc. I’m sure that more people visit his blog than visit mine, but in case you’re one of the few that has things backwards, add him to your list of daily reads.

But below are some of the blogs that have had some good posts of late that are definitely worth a read.
Girlvet posts regularly about her interactions with patients. She’s sassy, on point, and makes some kick-butt jewelry to boot.
StorytellER Jim already won two friggin Medblog Awards and he’s only been writing for 5 months. Read through his patient stories and you’ll see why.
If you miss Graham Walker’s old blog at OverMyMedBody!, you’ll be happy to know that he’s blogging again over at ACEP’s blog The Central Line. Lots of good content there now from a lot of emergency physicians.
The ACP Internist blog has also grown its content significantly and has lots of good commentary about medical studies and articles. Keep up the good writing!
GuitarGirl is up and blogging again. I thought she stopped blogging. Welcome back!
Tex keeps churning out the parody songs about the ED. He also has a lot of good patient stories. One of the nurses in my department recently sent me a link to one of his songs about “50 ways to get free pain meds.” I wrote her back and said “Hey! I read that guy’s blog!” If you want to sit at your computer and laugh all afternoon, a complete list of his songs is here.
SerenityNow Hospital still makes me laugh on a regular basis.
A friend recommended Lockup Doc’s blog – written by a psychiatrist in a correctional institution. Well written posts about the profession and an inside look at correctional centers.
I don’t know how Ramona Bates is able to keep up all the informative posts about surgery while making amazing quilts and still running a plastic surgery office. Just don’t stop.
And let’s not forget one of my favorite non-medical blogs — CrankyLitProf. So she drops f-bombs once in a while. She still makes me want to go back and be a student teacher just so I could go have beers with her and laugh.


  1. Thanks for the nice mention. As I’ve said before, I’m too lazy to quit.

    It’s astonishing the lifespan of many blogs: they’re like fireflies, glowing brightly then disappearing.

    It got so common I keep track of those I’m aware of that expired…

    You, by the way, are an excellent, prolific blogger, and I commend you for your efforts!


  2. Thanks for the kind mention. I’ve only been doing this (blogging) for 5 months–it’s a lot more work than I anticipated, but it’s a lot of fun, too.

    (Lockup Doc is about correctional psychiatry, but many posts are about the practice of medicine in general as well.)

    I like the very comprehensive list of medical blogs you’re compiling. You’ve got a very interesting and very professional site!

      • Ha! I’m thinking about it still. Not dead yet. I even have a half-written post in my “Drafts” folder.

        JCAHO. *giggle-snort* I’d work for JCAHO. I bet they pay well. And once you get past the selling-your-soul-to-the-devil part, it’s prolly not a bad job…..

  3. Thanks much for the shout out. When you wonder if people are still reading anymore, and Doc Sensitive has gone MIA….it comes to mind to stop blogging. Thanks for the refreshing thought.

    -ER Doc

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