So True …


Reading through EM Resident – the official publication of the Emergency Medicine Resident’s Association and came across the comic below.

Got a good chuckle since just yesterday I had a patient who wouldn’t take off his sunglasses when I was getting a history or when I tried to examine him. Asked him if he would mind and he said “yes”. Like he’s Geordi La Forge or something. I stepped out of the room, got a face mask, and came back in wearing a mask to finish doing his exam – just for the heck of it.

Plus … the comic describes the “Next Gen ED Doc”.

Not ER Doc, ED Doc.

Our numbers are growing. Resistance is futile.



  1. I like it because he has a work note and a dual Perkie/Dilaudid prescription with a DEA # on his pants so everyone can just copy it down.


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