Timing is Everything


I almost had an ironic picture to post from this week’s wrestling meets. Almost.

There was a parent in the stands several rows in front of me. She was cheering on her son, which we all do.
Her son was 13 years old and weighed 229 pounds. I know because wrestlers have their weights written on their arms in magic marker after they weigh in.
The lady easily weighed 300 lbs. She was cheering loudly and bouncing up and down on the stands.
Then her son won his match.
She stood up and put her arms over her head and cheered. Fair enough. We do the same thing when our kid wins.
In the woman’s left hand was a partially eaten doughnut. In the woman’s right hand was a partially eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
There she stood jumping up and down cheering while jelly dripped down her hand.

I did a double take and then unzipped my backpack to grab my camera.
But as luck would have it the evidence was eaten before I could get the picture.

That will teach me once again.
In photography, timing is everything.


  1. Morgan Chapman on

    Billy D! Billy D! Oh, what a priceless moment. Joyous, self-absorbed America, eating its way to an early grave… but not before they perpetuate the insecurity-borne hand-to-mouth habits to their children.

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