Haven’t really gotten into Twitter yet, mostly because I don’t think that anyone would be interested in random 140 character updates about my boring life.

Want a sample? Here goes:

Going to work.
Going home from work.
Going to sleep.
Just woke up.
Going to give a lecture.
Driving home.
Wrestling with kids. Youngest daughter hides behind couch every time I growl.
Putting kids to bed.
Letting air out of neighbor’s car tires for screeching tires in middle of night again.
Screech THOSE.
Giggling childishly as I trip over curb sneaking home in the dark.
Going to work.
Ignoring phone call with neighbor’s caller ID on it.
Blaming kids for messing with neighbor’s car.
Going to work.

See? Boring stuff. I neither admit nor deny the veracity of the statements above.

Besides, soon Twitter is going to be the next Google.

But I did come across an interesting idea for searching other people’s tweets.

There’s the basic Twitter Search.

Then Medblog Groupie had a recent post about searching various “tweets” that included the terms “doctor” and “waiting room”. Funny stuff. The comments were obtained using a site called “TwitterVenn” where you can compare tweets using a Venn Diagram.

It is addicting typing in terms to see how often certain terms pop up in people’s tweets.

I dared to enter the terms “emergency department” and “emergency room” into the TwitterVenn program.

I remain undaunted in my mission, but boy do I have a long way to go in this ER/ED battle.


  1. C’mon over to the dark side, WC. Then we can battle for something really important… like the continual usage of the word “rush” as the only possible verb to get to the Emergency Ro ..err… department. The only people I see rushing to my Emergency [fill in descriptor] are the brethren of Matt the lawyer, and they seem to arrive ahead of the patient…
    I much prefer the verb “saunter”, which more accurately describes my average patient that “rushes” in with the complaint “I have, like, a headache that is 22 out of 10 and I lost my prescription again…tee hee…”

  2. WhiteCoat, I’d sign up to read about your “boring” life on Twitter. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? It’s fun to put up little quotes or other brief weirdisms that don’t deserve an entire blog post.

    Igloodoc, why don’t you just ask me out already? You’re stealing/worshiping my disdain for “rush” now.

    As always, emergency department *will lose* to popular culture and colloquial speech.

  3. To Twit or not to Twit has never been one of my hypothetical imperatives. I am not a follower of, or easily influenced by, group mind. To me, Twitting is inane. Besides, I get my voyeuristic needs met at work…or maybe here, depending on Nurse K and igloodoc. Moving on.

    I wish to hell I could vent my spleen to the extent y’all do here. I’d have a licensing board all over my white girl ass if I tried it. Yeah, I’m jealous and freedom of speech is one of several reasons I like this place.

    WhiteCoat, your livingroom is tres comfortable and “familiar”. Flipping your script, despite my soft exterior, my heart is chiseled. Sometimes. Okay, sometimes more than sometimes. Depends on the Axis II diagnosis.

  4. Twittering IS inane…it is twittering the time away for sure. I didn’t get it until recently. I’m not addicted and mine are boring… but it’s another way to vent if you need to or spice things up with humor or whatever, show compassion, share some moments. etc..

    I actually enjoy inviting people to come see my twitter… but that’s just me. 😉

    The only thing… know me and my propensity for novellas…I did that a few times…then went back and deleted some. Should’ve been a post.

    But you can do what you want with your twitter. Your twitter is what you want it to be. No one has to look at your twitter if they don’t want to… but I suspect your twitter would be very popular with the masses.

    We that have joined the tweep cult members would follow you.

    BTW… your pseudo twitter had me laughing and you would be great at twittering.

    Heck…I was following John McCains’s Twitter. (Something seems wrong about that last statement.) Well…. anyway… I was real curious to see all the pork barrel twitters he was twittering.

    Docs twitter a lot and share info. and jokes etc.

    I was never one for IM… get bored because I don’t want to be tied to computer to talk unless ever so briefly. I don’t like texting either… but because I like twittering… I may consider getting internet on my next cell phone..just for twittering.

    You can put up links in your twitter.

    I just red MbA’s post today and the doctor waiting room thing was funny. I also looked up emergency room twitters.Interesting and funny. Also cute doctor. Cute doctor comments were funny. 🙂

    Anyway… WhiteCoat… you’d have a following. 🙂

    NurseK -your twitter about sexual tension in ER was funny last night. 🙂

    See…what’s not interesting about that? I’m just sayin … 🙂

  5. I can’t possibly spend more time on medical blogging than I already do – and Tweeting would just get me so far in the dog house with the ole’ lady I would never get out!

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