Two Views of the Day


Most frustrating part of the day …

Working 60 hours in last 4 days, after being called an “idiot” by a patient because the hospital won’t dispense OTC antifungal cream for her foot fungus, running a code on a child who didn’t make it, telling a patient that she has metastatic lung cancer, getting threatened by another patient, being awake most of the past 24 hours, then driving home this morning and spending over an hour putting together my youngest daughter’s Barbie bicycle (complete with Barbie streamers, Barbie wheel inserts, and a miniature Barbie bike that sits on the handlebars and allows your child to take her own Barbie along on ride) which comes with minimal directions and no tools for assembly.
By the end of assembling that thing, I wanted to take a Phillips head screwdriver to the jugular of the person who designed it.

Best part of the day …

Getting to be the first one who takes a bike ride with my daughter down the street.
Amazing how one little smile changes your outlook.





  1. Awww …What a GREAT picture! She’s adorable!

    She looks so happy. 🙂

    “By the end of assembling that thing, I wanted to take a Phillips head screwdriver to the jugular of the person who designed it.” That’s funny. 🙂

    Mr SeaSpray did that once. Not the screwdriver to jugular, although I am sure he had similar thoughts when putting the 1st bike together. After that one, we paid the store to put the bikes together before bringing them home.

    I’m sorry about the difficult shifts and lack of sleep. At least you both will remember that first bike ride together. Sweet memories. 🙂

  2. Before she gets much bigger, lower the seat a bit, and take both training wheels and pedals off. After a week or two, put the pedals back on, she won’t need the training wheels. Note that one of the pedals is threaded backwards.

  3. Today, she was reportedly out at 8AM in her nightgown and helmet riding up and down the sidewalk.
    I would have gotten more pictures, but I was sleeping at the time.

    • Stuff like that is priceless!! Love it. When my one daughter was 2, she decided she had to go see a neighbor and wasn’t waiting for supervision. She hopped on her three-wheeled trike that Santa gave her that morning, albeit in a Michigan cheer outfit and she peddled past my kitchen window while I did dishes…I had a WTF moment before I grabbed the phone and told my neighbor to expect a little visitor and I could not wipe the smile from my face!!

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