funBack from vacation and catching up on all the work before a double shift tomorrow.

It’s nice to just relax with the kids, not check the internet for several days, check the phone once a day for messages, and lounge on a “lazy river” floating on an inner tube. It’s also nice to get into contests with the kids to see who can win the most tickets in the game room (I win every time). Makes it worthwhile when I put the kids down to sleep and they smile, give me a hug and say “Dad, that was a lot of fun.”
Two of my kids are following in my footsteps. Instead of swimming in the pools, they spend hours on end sitting on the sides, shooting those in the pool with water cannons, and giggling.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions for the blog.

I’m going to try a few things and see how they work out.
1. Consolidate policy comments. I’m not going to stop commenting on policy issues because I think policy is a huge part of medicine – especially with the way the system is failing right now. Instead, I’m going to try to combine all the articles I’ve read into one post a week. Of course, doing a weekly policy post instead of several per week will sacrifice being the “first one out” with the news, but hopefully will reduce the overload people have mentioned. If there’s something particularly newsworthy, I’ll probably add an extra post. If I happen to add something that another blogger has posted, I’ll make sure to credit them, but if someone posted something I didn’t see, I’m not trying to steal ideas. Chances are just that I didn’t see it. Let me know and I’ll link to the other posts as well.
2. Try to add more patient stories. Patient stories are tough. I don’t want to keep writing about the same thing, but those situations are also the things that are interesting. We’ll see what I can do to pull some more stories. Maybe I’ll go back into the book I’ve been writing and pull some more out of there.
3. I’m also going to try to add some more diagnostic cases. They take a while to write up, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll link to the diagnosis and treatment on other sites like Wikipedia or eMedicine.
4. Already talked contests over with the editor of EP Monthly and we’re going to do at least one per month with multiple prizes. First one coming out soon. Theme: Stevie Wonder song.
5. Swearing? Sonuvabeyotch. Cheese and crackers. Got all muddy. Now I sound like my dad. Hey, this is a family blog. If you’re looking for some high quality cussin’ you have to go to Cranky Prof’s blog. She’s a hoot.


  1. Yor little ones look like they’re having a blast (no pun intended). Glad you all had some time off to relax. I’ll be doing that soon in 2 months. Destination unknown at this time. There are so many places to see within my own home State of Ohio, so that’s likely what I’ll do. I agree with most of your commenters about your blog. The patient stories are very interesting, but so is the rest of your blog, IMHO….

  2. La Bonne et Belle Bianca Castafiore, here, in for the Retired Educator.

    First, blog as your mind, heart, and paycheck inspire you. Whose blog is it, anyway? However you choose to labor onward, you’ve a loyal audience determined to continue to provoke, admire, and enjoy (alongside a bowl of sugar free Jello, topped with a dollop of lowfat plain yogurt).

    Second, my dear Captain Haddock has been trying for decades to get The Retired Educator to cease with the cussing, already. May his example serve to inspire you and your readership. An erstwhile fan of the Tintin series has slapped together a Beginners List of The Captain’s Cussing:


    Have the nice day!

  3. Doc blogger policy posts. They’re like A+ grade reports that you hand in even though nobody actually assigned them to you. I just hope they matter in the end.

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