First, thanks for all the e-mails. I’m fine. Family is good. I haven’t quit blogging yet.

Remember the story about the Rock? My rock still sits on the corner of my desk every day to remind me of its importance.

Well, the rocks in life just keep falling out of the glass.

We got home and found that our house had been … not “trashed” … perhaps “abused” would be a better word. I’m going to get a couple of good posts out of that one. One of our fish paid the ultimate sacrifice when we came back and the water in the fish tank looked like Guinness Stout.

Also issues with close friends and family that need to be addressed.

Had planned to get several posts up in the past couple of days, but another time-sensitive matter came up that I had to deal with. Haven’t decided whether I want to let everyone in on what is going on with my other job yet.

Now I have a string of 12 hour shifts for the next 5 days.

Those that haven’t gotten bored of checking back with no blog updates, thanks for the patience.  I’ll try to add a couple of short posts this week/weekend.
Monday I guarantee I’ll be back to the Healthcare Updates and regular schedule.


  1. Glad to see you’re back. Since you blog way more than I comment, I’ve got absolutely no room to give you grief about your publishing rate! Seriously, I hope all is well and please give my condolences to your family on your fish’s demise.

  2. I’d never give up on your blog if you were remiss in posting for any reason. Loyal fan. 🙂

    I’m sorry about your fish and the other stuff.

    And God bless you for the 60 hours in 5 days and all the other stuff you take care of participate in. Do you sleep?

    I say get the abusers back to clean up! or ones responsible. And replace the fish.

    Good to hear you are all doing well.

    Happy New year! 🙂

  3. Sorry about the unauthorized party that took place in your absence.

    Your Rock story is what decreased my own blogging frequency – family is important. Thanks for the reminder, and good luck with your own Rocks.

  4. Very nice of you to think about your readers, but as others have already said, your real life is far more important than your cyber-world.

    Hoping all the issues don’t take too much out of you all.

  5. Thought of you the other day: Some Crayzee phones us up and rambles on about how much we suck because we didn’t prescribe her a Z-pack DESPITE having green sputum and that she had to go to her primary care doctor to get a prescription. (Afebrile, had the cough for like a day or two). She then managed to also blame us because the Zithromax didn’t work either. Oh, and we also suck because we didn’t do “a urine test” to see if she had a UTI because she felt achy.

    I’d have transferred that call to you if I could have just for comic relief.

    Hope you’re feeling better and F whomever decided to break into your house. Probably methheads.

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