1. I trained there (It is part of the U of Michigan EM program). It wouldn’t surprise me if they found some of the original models of equiptment that we were still using in the early 2000s.

  2. My blood culture that’s still listed as “pending”
    Any send-out lab result
    The only otoscope for the ward
    The mac blade for the code cart

  3. I was thinking more along the lines of samples of bacteria that were actually sensitive to penicillin, a daguerreotype of a suprised Dr. Hurley in a closet with a nurse, George Orwell’s first crayon drawing of the word “BEWARE”, and the severed head of the administrator who, during a staff meeting, first said “Hey! Let’s establish a national agency to track and enforce patient safety standards in hospitals!”

  4. I bet something cool like vintage Kelly clamps, old Rx’s, some granny-looking nurse’s uniform, or a signed plaque from when Hellen Keller visited.

  5. Interesting. I’m curious to know the contents.

    It has to be something they considered important at the time… symbolic of the medical era.

    Documentation would be interesting.

    Maybe some old written prescriptions WC!

    I have no idea.

    We did a time capsule in 5th grade ..but I don’t remember what I chose to put in or how long to be buried. Forgot all about it.

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