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Had to share a couple of videos. One has repeatedly entertained our staff. One repeatedly entertains my kids.

One video has been circulating around our ED staff e-mails for a few weeks, although it has been circulating on YouTube since 2006. Totally bizarre. Lots of swearing and f-bombs, so you have been warned. But still funny. Allegedly this guy was dropping acid and sitting in a closet when his roommate taped him … or not.
Now we’re all making little quotes in the ED from this throughout the day. Not once, not nevah. Not my chair, not my problem, that’s what I say.

Then a video forwarded to me a couple of days ago that my kids play over and over again. Kung Fu Panda has nothing on this bear. Amazing.

Finally, can you say “Do NOT Touch Me“?


  1. Monty Python: Mr. Creosote
    11/09/08 – YouTube

    “And now for something completely different.”

    This was a signature line in the TV productions of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a revolutionary British comedy group formed around 1970. John Cleese of that group is often on TV today in commercials and movies. Their skits are odd and hillarious.

    This video clip is an amazingly funny and disgusting part of the Monty Python movie “The Meaning of Life”, about a huge, vile man Mr. Creosote eating an impossibly large dinner, followed by a “wafer thin mint”. Explosively funny. You have been warned.

    Two more videos here. (1) The Radiology of Competitive Speed Eating and (2) A kitten hides in a couch.

  2. I TOTALLY agree about the lighthouse, shells and seahorses! 🙂 I too would be tempted to comment like that guy randomly throughout the day. You all must’ve been hilarious and had fun with it.

    At first I thought it was a black bear. We have a lot of them around here. Loved watching him and called Mr SeaSpray over.

    I just saw a big bear across the street in neighbors front yard Friday and friend had a smaller one in her garage a few weeks ago.

    I should try leaving the NJ equivalent to bamboo sticks out for them. You never know ..we might get some quality entertainment. 😉

    The latter encounter was just weird.

    The communications guy was trying to ruffle him and succeeded. I wonder what would’ve happened if the reporter just rolled with it?

    Thanks for the laughs. 🙂

  3. Just want to say thanks for the Cups vid.

    It is now viral with my classmates as I sent it on for de-stressing before finals.

    Now one can here the calls of “not my chair, not my problem” or “sea-horses RULE” when walking around the med section of the library. 🙂

    Definitely needed that!!

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