WTF Moment #388


Mom brings in her 2 year old child at 11:30 PM last night after she noticed a lump to the child’s kugelsack (“kugel” = “ball” in German – check out the video at the link before it gets pulled down) two days ago while bathing him. Ended up being a small hernia. No big deal.

Why did she wait until 11:30 at night? She was working until 11:00 PM and brought him right after work. OK, seems reasonable.

Why did she bring him to the emergency department on a Saturday night instead of taking him to their primary care physician on Monday? She got freaked out after talking to co-workers.

One told her it was probably cancer.
Another told her that a friend’s child had a blood vessel burst in his penis and nearly died.
A third told her that it may be a congenital malformation where urine is leaking into his scrotum and could lead to kidney failure.

Note to parents: Diagnoses made by non medical personnel who haven’t examined your children are worth just a little less than what you pay for them.


  1. Interesting story. What ever happened to the simple idea of the parent calling the pediatrician’s office (and perhaps having the doctor paged?)

    On an unrelated note, I found the tidbit about the German translation of “kugel” surprising–as from my childhood–Kugel refers to a dish (Grandma makes the best kugels!)

  2. Ha..I was thinking kegel… what the heck is a kegel sack? My eyes read it… but brain translated differently..too much urology exposure. 🙂

    I saw that clop and heard it was staged. Funny tho. 🙂

    Awww.. she just loves her son and got scared.

  3. I feel like an idiot for admitting this, but this kinda happened to me once, only I went to my primary physician instead of the ER. I had what I was 99.8889 percent sure was an ingrown hair on my neck right around where my submandibular lymp nodes were. I went to have my teeth cleaned and the dental assistant (yes I took medical advice from a person that takes a six weeks course at everest college.)Freaked out about it. Saying I HAD to get it checked out. so I made an apointment for a Nurse practioner look at me like an idiot. I hadn’t been to the doctor in 8 years, and I came in for THIS? oh well, that’ll teach me to take medical advice from other people. Oh, and yes, it was an ingrown hair.

  4. Kugel means ball in German /Yiddish.

    The Kugel = Dish confusion sleepyjosh has is probably because his grandmother made noodle kugel, a Yiddish/ Eastern European specialty.

  5. Ha!Bastiat..with my impressive urologic hx (now healed)… no doubt a Freudian slip! 🙂

    Interesting how the brain works because my eyes DID read kugel but instantly came away with a kegelsack and I just couldn’t process a mental image of some sack down there.

    Well… I did have the south of the border direction right. I’m just sayin. 😉

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