ACEP Scientific Assembly Day 2


I have spoken to people who didn’t want to go to the ACEP Scientific Assembly because of the cost of registration. Granted that a 4 day registration isn’t cheap, but you get a lot for your money. In addition to the educational opportunities, you also get your own mini-check up at the Wellness Booth. For twenty bucks you get comprehensive lab testing, flu shot, tetanus/pertussis shots, burnout evaluation and a body fat analysis. We won’t go there. I went from 19% body fat last year to 23% this year. I need to eat a little less sushi.

Lectures yesterday were again outstanding. Richard Cantor was both informative and funny when talking about peds emergencies. His quote about the “gene pool having no life guards” was only one of many jokes he cracked. Last night’s Master Clinician series on the Rapid Neuro Exam was also excellent.

I got to wander around the exhibits and was able to say hello to a couple of you readers. Always wonder if I really look like what people expect me to look like.


The exhibit floor was busy. Everyone walks around looking for free pens and other trinkets. When I called home, my kids didn’t tell me how much they missed me, they asked me what I got them. My suitcase is going to be stuffed full of junk just to make them happy. Funky pens. Highlighters. Yo-yos. Bags. Thanks to all the vendors for giving me FOUR of everything to avoid fights when I get home.

The legal picture of the day was at an ice cream stand. Sorry you docs in Minnesota, Vermont, or Massachusetts. Either your butts are too fat or there is some legal decision stating that ice cream cones may unduly influence your decision to prescribe medications.

Ice cream sign (Small)


Then there was the vendor trying to sell Conrad Murray’s old lab jacket. Get it? Michael Jackson … glitter … medical jacket? Never mind. Too many drinks last night.

Lab jacket (Small)

Sunset picture for the day (only have a pocket camera on this trip, so couldn’t get the wide angle view for full effect) …

Boston (Small)



  1. Also, the sign should read …a Health Care Practitioner WHO is…. unless Health Care Practitioners are no longer people.

  2. Aiiie I accidentally rated this post something low and am not sure how to fix it. 🙁 I have images turned off and so I can’t see the little stars! I was just trying to scroll back up the page!

  3. Stopped by your booth. It’s strange to think we have no idea what you look like. I guess I could have asked you if Whitecoat is around and you could have said “nope..haven’t seen him.” haha

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