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Director’s Corner: How to Quit Your Job

7 Dangerous Physician Employment Contract Terms

Night Shift: Suicidal Ideations




Director’s Corner: Hitting the Mark

Pros and Cons: Giddy Up on Ivermectin?

Vasculitis after COVID-19 Vaccination

Information Gap

Night Shift: Chaos

Rolling With COVID-19 Vaccinations

Crash Cart: Llama antibodies fight COVID

Gut Feeling

Optimizing Your RVUs and Laceration Repair

Navigating a 99-Year-Old Through our Health Care System

EM Coach: Solving a Rash of Problems



EPM Talk Ep. 49 – Khan Siddiqui, MD of Hyperfine

Pros and Cons: Cancel Social Media?

Unlocking the Mystery behind Chronic Pelvic Pain

Train Yourself: Getting a Hand on Chest Tube Thoracostomy

ABEM and COVID-19 Misinformation

Night Shift – Due Process Demands More

Heart treatment taking SCAPE

EM Coach: It’s Cold Outside

Director’s Corner: Time to call it Quits?

Not so BaSICS?

More Than Medicine: Being responsive instead of reactive



Pros and Cons: The Mask Debate

Train Yourself: Incision and Drainage

Asymptomatic Hypertension = all about the follow-up

More Disruption Please: ACEP Digital Health Innovators

D50 or D10 to Treat Hypoglycemia?

Crash Cart: Amazon Alexa sued for HIPAA violations

Opioids in the ED

Night Shift: I Could be Wrong

Director’s Corner: What Should I be Looking for in a Job? Part II



EPM Talk Ep. 48 – Adam Power of REBOA

Senate Bill 610— Lorna’s Legacy

Is Cooling no Longer Cool?

MedForums Crowdsources Knowledge

Nebulized Ketamine for Pain Management in the ED

Director’s Corner: What Should I be Looking for in a Job? Part I

EM Coach: Bad Bite

Ultrasound: Looks can be deceiving

Night Shift: The Second Wave

In Defense of Direct Laryngoscopy

Video Laryngoscopy First and Foremost



More Disruption Please: ACEP20 Medical Device Innovators

Complications of Regional Anesthesia

More Than Medicine: Giving more on Empty

EM Coach: Get Pumped!

Who gets the platelets?

Night Shift: Reality Testing

$26M Judgment Against EmCare in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Access: Part 2

Ticking Away

CCTA vs. Invasive Coronary Angiography in NSTEMI

Director’s Corner: Succession Planning



Train Yourself: The Inside Scoop on Removing Foreign Bodies

Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Access: Part 1

You gotta help us doc!

Oh, MYositis!

EM Coach: Getting on my nerves

Projecting the Future of Emergency Physician Workforce

Crash Cart: Drinking Cow Urine Prevents COVID?

Director’s Corner: Summer Reading



The Different Stages of an ER Doc’s Career: Part I

Train Yourself: Simple Strategy for Suturing Setup

Best Short-Term Cycle for Children Facing Pneumonia?

EM Coach: Full-body Jerking

Crash Cart: Another COVID-19 Myth Dies the Death

GCS Less Than 8? Then Intubate!

Director’s Corner: Navigating Staffing Shortage

Night Shift: Hope I don’t see you anymore

Pott’s Puffy Tumor in an elderly woman

Stuck at the top of his Mouth

Puff Puff Passing Asthma Regimen



EPM Talk Ep. 46 – Dom Bagnoli of USACS

EPM Talk Ep. 47 – Andreas Frank of Hillrom

Diminishing the Pain

It’s OK to be not OK

Director’s Corner: 12 Months of COVID

Ensuring You’re Insured

Radiation and Risk

Crash Cart: Censorship coming for medical professionals

More Than Medicine: Changing Culture Doesn’t have to be Chaotic

Night Shift: Saturated

EPM Talk Ep. 44 – What’s Your Institutional Protocol to Get the Clot Out for VTE?



EPM Talk: Ep. 45 – Jeannette Wolfe on COVID gender impact

Conventional Troponin Testing in the Evaluation of Chest Pain

George Has My Heart Racing

To the ambucycle!

Pop Goes the Shoulder

EPM Talk Ep. 43 – Joe Anderson of Reflex Protect

So TXA Doesn’t Stop Everything that Bleeds?

Night Shift: A Really Unusual Year

It’s Not Just About Wearing Masks

Big Head, Big Problems!

EM Coach: The Pathology of DVT

Finding the BEST Solution

Death From a Stuffy Nose



EPM Talk Ep. 40 – CLEAN3 Trial with Prof. Mimoz

EPM Talk Ep. 41 – Dr. Lisa Moreno of AAEM

EPM Talk Ep. 42 – Mick Connors of Anytime Pediatrics

Breaking through the blockage

Diagnosing without formal imagery

‘Poppers’ while at a nightclub

Director’s Corner: VIP Patients in the ER

COVID allowed us to see the future quicker

Humanism in Death

Universal Imaging for All?

Night Shift: Breaking Guidelines

Taking the Pain Out of Clinician Licensing



Train Yourself: Lateral Canthotomy

Diagnosing Necrotizing Fasciitis

COVID-19 can offer some silver linings

Night Shift: How do I get you out of here?

RX Pad: Allergy Sabotage

More Than Medicine: Just a dose of aggression is too much

‘The Future of Emergency Medicine is Bright’

EM Coach: Stuck through the hand

Director’s Corner: Coping with cut hours

Challenges with the DIFOCCULT Trial

Sometimes it isn’t the Heart

Crash Cart: Earwax used to check hormone stress levels



What does 2021 hold for EM?

EPM Talk Ep. 37 – CT Chat with Dr. Jarvis of Abbott Labs

Remote CIED Interrogator Usage in the Emergency Department

Director’s Corner: Reducing the Length of Stay

Deciphering MCP Joint Deformity

The CODA Trial — Antibiotics vs. Appendectomy

Another Option?

Making a Stronger Hero (Act)

High-Yield RVU Generation in Emergency Medicine

A Tool For Risk Stratifying Admitted COVID-19 Patients

Night Shift: Y2K turns 21

Invincible no more!

Risk Management: Focusing on Fingers

Probing for cellulitis

Telemedicine in the Age of COVID-19




EPM Talk Ep. 39 – A Safer Solution

Re-Analysis, Reversal and Reflection

Your Critical Care Reimbursement and COVID-19

EM Coach: Fever, malaise, rash and more

Director’s Corner: Filling the Call Out

Pandemic protection

Night Shift: A Rush to Judgment

Answering the call for stoicism

STEMI Management in COVID-19 Times

Splenic Infarction After Recovery From COVID-19



EPM Talk Ep. 38 – COVID-19: Frontline physicians produce frontline solution

Crash Cart: Nursing Homes Oust Unwanted Patients

Not So Soft

Taking the bite out of epulis

A Brief History of the Endotracheal Tube

Baloxavir for Household Influenza Prophylaxis?

Mitigating adverse job actions due to COVID-19 part 2

Director’s Corner: Connect for Your Team’s Satisfaction

The Oseltamivir Debacle

EM Quiz: Ill-appearing, minimally responsive patient

Like Drinking from a Firehose



EPM Talk Ep. 36 – When Minutes Matter: Dr. Este O’Daniell on Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing for Meningitis

The HALT-IT Trial – TXA in Acute GI Bleeds

EM Coach: CT angiogram indications

Where have all of our emergency room patients gone?

Crash Cart: Occult Ingested Foreign Body

Director’s Corner: COVID-era Leadership Part 2

The 65 Trial: Less is More?

Saving a Life by a Nose: Intranasal Naloxone

Night Shift: Fast Track

Fundamental Attribution Error



EPM Talk Ep. 35 – Weathering the ED Volume Storm with DuvaSawko

EPM Talk Ep. 34 – Putting it Together with Pulsara

EPM Talk Podcast Ep. 33 – Combating Viral Transmission with the Aerosolve Helmet

Crash Cart: Scent Dogs Detecting COVID-19

An Elegantly Simple Solution to Protection

EM Coach: Sicker than Sick

Can they do That?

Night Shift: Lone Ranger

Winter is Coming

Why I opted to work for a humanitarian organization in a war-torn country

Burnout from Flame to Ashes

In the Emergency Department after the Beirut Blast

So you’ve been sprayed and gassed…

RX Pad: Mad as a hatter or right on?

Director’s Corner: Leadership in the Age of COVID Part 1 of 2



EPM Talk Ep. 32 – Healing with Hemigard

COVID-19 Related Respiratory Failure: A Non-Invasive Approach

Syndromic Testing for Meningitis/Encephalitis: A Game Changer

Crash Cart: How Accurate is Dr. Google?

Saving Vena Amoris

Patient Volume amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Searching for Therapeutic Options to Fight SARS-CoV-2

Director’s Corner: I Just Want my Weekend!

A Signal of Hope?

Night Shift: The Right Kind of Distance

EM Coach: Sudden onset chest pain

No, it’s not a Migraine

Three Traits of Inclusion



EPM Talk Ep. 31 – Finding the range with Wilson Electronics’ Fleet Signal Boosters

EPM Talk Ep. 30 – ED Pregnancy Perspective with Elizabeth Clayborne

EPM Talk Ep. 29 – Getting Relief with Ring Rescue

She’s too old for that Diagnosis!

COVID-19, Remdesivir and the new Tamiflu

Crash Cart: Providers Rally in Support of Black Lives Matter Movement

Director’s Corner – Who works the COVID Unit?

EM Coach: Treating Testicular Pain and Swelling

Addressing ED Workplace Violence

Trauma Transfer Pearls

Thank You for Your Service

Night Shift: Game Face



EPM Talk. Ep 28 – He Said, She Said with Jeannette Wolfe

EPM Talk Ep. 27 – Honed in with Hardy Diagnostics

Looking into intraocular eye pressure

A Deadly Shower

Coping with COVID-19 in Iran

Communication Matters Even More With COVID-19

Pregnant on the Frontlines

When to Choose the Infant Approach

Director’s Corner: Is it advisable to teach my replacement? Part 2

In Custody with COVID-19

He Stuck a Piece of String Where???



EPM Talk. Ep 26 – Getting Beyond Lucid with Jonathon Feit

EPM Talk Ep. 25 – Syndromic Testing a Game Changer for Meningitis/Encephalitis

EPM Talk Ep. 24 – Tuned in with Sound Physicians

Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine: Past, Present…Future?

Spanish Influenza – Looking at a Pandemic From 100 Years ago

More Disruption Please: ACEP19 Medical Device Innovators

Take a Deep Breath and Scan

Time to get hyped about the Hyperion Trial?

Hepatic Encephalopathy: More Than Just a Change in Mental Status

Night Shift: Shared Decision Making

EM Coach Team: The COVID-19 Bounce Back

COVID and Immunity From Liability Under the Federal PREP Act

Is the Use of Peripheral Vasopressors Safe?

Director’s Corner: Staffing Parameters in the time of COVID



EPM Talk Ep. 23 – Candid COVID-19 Convo with Salim Rezaie

EPM Talk Ep. 22 – Night Shift: Shared Decision Making

EPM Talk Ep. 21 – COVID-19 PPE need with Amer Aldeen of USACS

EPM Talk Ep. 20 – Back to School with EM Coach’s Andrew Phillips

EPM Talk – Ep. 19 – He Said, She Said with Jeannette Wolfe

Bring ’em All video spotlights frontline medical workers

Tackling and Treating COVID-19

VIDEO: Take COVID-19 Seriously

Places We Go: El Paso, Texas

Hoffman La Roche Sued for $1.5 Billion Over Tamiflu Claims

It Just Takes a Spark…

Treating WPW Syndrome

Night Shift: Reassurance

Telemed’s Legacy as Connected Care

Director’s Corner: Should I be teaching my replacement?

Pressors for Hemorrhagic Shock

EPM Talk – Ep. 16 – He Said, She Said with Jeannette Wolfe

Night Shift: The Dark Ages

Balance Billing: The Surprise Insurance Gap

Debunking Coronavirus Myths vs. Truth

EPM Talk Ep. 14 – Putting a T-RING on it With Bill Green



EPM Talk Ep. 18 – John Martin on the Butterfly Ultrasound’s Impact on COVID-19

Sample ED Coronavirus Discharge Instructions

EPM Talk Ep. 17 – The Plasters Explore the Tech Side of Coronavirus

Places We Go: Borderland—El Paso, Las Cruces and Ciudad Juarez

Omadacycline, NEJM and Non-Inferiority Studies

EM Monthly Quiz: Severe Testicular Pain

CorePendium: An Emergency Medicine Origin Story

RX Pad: When push comes to shove

Work-Life, Health & Happiness: Is the Perfect Mix Possible?

Modified Valsalva Maneuver for SVT

Director’s Corner: Time to join the committee?

Is Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport the Future of EMS?

It’s a Wonderful Home Dad Life



EPM Talk Ep. 15 – Getting on Call With Tim Peck

Peeling away the challenge of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

EPM Monthly Quiz: Living with altered mental status

More Disruption Please: ACEP19 Digital Health Innovators

Customer Service or Caring for the Patient? They are the same thing!

Leading innovation

Back Pain in the Elderly

Director’s Corner: Discharging PE Patients

Handling Pediatric Mass Casualty

Just One Pill Can Kill



EPM looks to the future of EM in 2020

Places we go: Rwanda & Burundi

My Hometowns: A Medical Student’s Experience Working at the US-Mexico Border

Useful Keys to Avoid Litigation

Night Shift: Tattletale

Meaningful Use, 10 years Later Part II

EM Monthly Quiz – Procedural sedation medications

The Horse is Out of the Barn

An ounce of PreVent-ion

Second Best: The EcLiPSE and ConSEPT trials



















































All in the Wrist

Diagnosing Spinal Epidural Abscesses

It’s Time to Embrace TXA for Traumatic Bleeds

Lasix: The Basics of Furosemide

Anger and the Undoing of Great Physicians

Pelvic and Low Back Pain Post Abortion

As Temperatures Rise, Zika Looms

EPs Stand Poised at the Center of the Telemedicine Revolution

Get A Headstart On Critical Medico-Legal Lessons

The Fault in Our (Three) Stars: Understanding The New Hospital Quality Star Rating

Sepsis Gets an Upgrade With SOFA/qSOFA

Was This Care Reasonable? You’re the Judge

Women, Take the Stage!

Five 11th-Hour Tax Questions Answered

The CDC Weighs In With Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

Norovirus: That Bug Gets Around



The Nine Hand-Offs And What They Say About You

EM’s Elder Salesman

Why You Should Stop Overusing Foley Catheters

More Needles: Femoral Nerve Anesthesia

Unlock the Value of Free-Standing Emergency Centers

Losing Our Way On Route 66

What’s Your ‘One Thing’?

When Burnout Strikes, Light Your Own Fire

How to Develop a Successful Observation Unit

Get Your Ducks In A Row

Pediatric Skull Fractures: When to Admit

Octreotide in the ED

Europe’s Winter of Discontent

When the Curtain is Drawn: How to Handle Accusations of Professional Misconduct

Speaking Out About the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan



PA Training and Oversight: A Model Worth Copying?

Interactive Ultrasound: Beneath The Surface

Astute Diagnosis of Phalangeal Injuries Can Prevent Lasting Damage

Hydroxocobalamin: Turning Cyanide into Vitamin B12

Interactive ECG: A Study in ST Elevation

When Can Emergency Physicians Call In Sick?

In 2016, Start by Taking Stock

Tintinalli: What I’m reading now

Goodbye Standard of Care, Hello Reasonable Practice

In UK, Emergency Physicians Strike Back

EMP Makes Expansion Bid by Creating USACS

AAEM Creates a ‘Physician Group’ to Bolster Small Practices

Assessing Fever in Returning Travelers: A Guide For Malaria, Dengue and Zika



Optimizing Emergency Department Scheduling

Pardon the Interference [Interactive Ultrasound Case Study]

Poster Boy

Play Nice: The Impact of Rude Behavior On Quality of Care

Predicting the Flu: The New Vaccines

How Accurate Are Rapid Flu Tests?

What’s New With The Flu

1978: Snowed in, But Not Knocked Out

Need to Know: Nitrofurantoin

How to Handle Metacarpal Fractures

God, Money & Medicine: Making Meaning in 2016

Three Reasons To Not Front Load Your Investments In 2016

Making the Most of 2016

It’s a New Year: Make it Count

CT Overuse: The Problem Beneath the Problem

Recent CPR Findings Raise New Questions

The Reluctant Party Planner

Early Cardiac Cath Lab Access For Shockable ROSC Patients Improves Outcomes

Briefing: Resolutions from the AMA House of Delegates

French Connection: Vive le SAMU!




A Wrinkle in Time

Pulmonary Hypertension: No Ordinary Case of Dyspnea

The Year in Review

Have You Called Your Nurse Manager Lately?

Kanavel is Still Kicking

Limiting Variation in ED Admission Rates

Beware the Patient Bearing Gifts

How Many People Actually Die in the Emergency Department?

Looking for Glass?

Using TXA for Traumatic Bleeds

Pain Control Alternatives for Older Patients

Quick Answers to Sticky Problems

Kids with Asthma? Reach for Dexamethasone

Treating the Chainsaw Laceration. Did This EP Do Enough?

Miracle on Figueroa Street

TeamHealth Bought for $6.1 Billion



5 Smart Ways to Give this Holiday Season

From the Man in the Red Socks: “We Can Be a Specialty!”

Psych Units in the ED: Trend, Solution, or Neither?

Drop the Dogma: Is it Time to Use Epinephrine for Digital Nerve Blocks?

5 Simple Rules for Managing Decision Overload

All About Levetiracetam (Keppra)

When a Doc Pulls a No Show

Are you Liable: The Truth About APPs

Probe Before You Poke

Finding That Magic Nursing Ratio

Six Things I Wish I’d Known When I Finished Residency

EM in Myanmar Takes Strides

Stanford Uses ‘Time Banking’ to Boost EP Morale

For Maintenance Fluids, Reach for Isotonic Saline

Step Away from the Vending Machine!

EPs on the Front Lines of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

ACEP’s New CEDR Metrics Present Significant Challenges

6 Things Every EP Needs to Know About K2/Spice & the Synthetic Cannabinoid Epidemic



Don’t Let Market Swings Spook You

In Defense Of Useless Columns

IV APAP Works, So Why Don’t More EPs Use It?

CT of Small Bowel Obstruction

The Uberification of Emergency Response

Handling the ‘Clen’ Overdose

Who Pays the Tab For Unfunded Care?

Dyspnea in a Cancer Patient

Taking Control of Quality Measurements

When it Comes to Accreditation, We Need to Get Beyond ‘Publish or Perish’

Beyond HEART: Building a Better Chest Pain Protocol

Manhunt Medicine

The Right Moves: Making Sense of ICD-10

EPs Not To Blame for the Opiate Crisis

Mass Gathering Medicine: Lessons from the Hajj



Adapt & Adopt: When You Improvise, Use All the Tools in Your Toolbox

My MacGyver Moment

How ED Alternatives Are Killing More Than Wait Times

Severe Hyponatremic Encephalopathy Following Bowel Prep For Colonoscopy

The Clindamycin Fact Sheet

A Novel Approach to the Shocky Child

Why Doctors Quit

The Job Hunt: How to Make a Match That Will Last

This Common ED Medication Can Set Off TSA Alarms

ECG Quiz: Very Wide and Very Fast

10 Times HIPAA May Not Apply

The One Area of Your Finances You Shouldn’t Diversify

D10 May Be Better Than D50 For Acute Hypoglycemia

Another Krome Sets the Bar

Remembering Dr. Krome

Tintinalli Reviews ACEP’s Revised tPA Policy

The Soul of the Matter: Can Believing in God Make You a Better Doctor?



Nursing’s New Champion: An Interview with Katie Duke

Transgender Patients In the ED

So You Want To Send Your Kid to the Ivy League…

Myth v. Fact: The Truth Behind Common PA Misconceptions

PA Training and Supervision: A Conversation with SEMPA Leadership

ACEP Needs a Latin Motto

Multi-purpose Nitroglycerin

People Don’t Heal Overnight, So Stop The Needless Next-Day Referrals

When a Tumble Causes Trouble

That Moment Between Life and Death

The Proper Use of Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis

1968: EM Advances in a Troubled Nation

Understanding the New SEP-1 Sepsis Rollout

West Virginia Supreme Court Ruling Allows Physician Liability for Patient Addiction



The Top Ways Palcohol Abuse Could Present to the Emergency Department

aSAH or Traumatic Tap?

Can I Afford to Quit My Day Job?

ACS? Start My Statins!

Don’t Touch My Telos

All About Topical NSAIDs

Nothing Humorous About This Fracture

FECs: New Face, Better ‘Bond’

Keeping Up With EMTALA – It’s the Law, and it’s Good for Your Patients

Blurry Vision

Sins of Admission: Whistleblower Cases See Massive Payouts

Throwing Stones

Pro/Con: ‘Unnecessary’ Testing

Hail to the Chief




Pigtail Insertion




Three Days Pain/Swelling Below Right Jaw



Green Skin? Google it