Akismet Rocks


Are any of you other bloggers getting blasted with spam comments lately?

Last month, I had an uptick toward the middle of the month. November ended with 84,000 spam comments.

This month, I’m on track to have well more than 100,000 spam comments.

I can guarantee that without Akismet, I wouldn’t allow comments on the blog. There is no way I could read through and delete 4000 comments a day.

If you’re having comment spam problems, Akismet gets my unconditional endorsement.

And I didn’t get paid anything for this post. It was the least I could do for this great service.


    • Spammers put advertising links into a blog post comment to try to get people to click on the links. If they do, either the reader gets sent to the latest and greatest Viagra site or worse, the link could go to a malicious site where programs are run on your computer.

  1. I am surprised you get that many spam comments. I would have thought there is only a finite number of companies running the spam and that they would only hit each blog up so many times a month. I have 26 followers and get about 100 spam posts a month if thats any point of comparison.

    • There aren’t really spam companies. Cartels and gangs maybe, but not companies.

      Whitecoat’s spam volume does not surprise me. He has the triple threat drawing attention: attached to a larger publication, large traffic volume, and most importantly lots of inbound links.

      Spammers spread the pain everywhere, but they don’t do it evenly.

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