Happy Doctors' Day



According to the Southern Medical Association,

Doctors’ Day was first observed in 1933 as a way to honor the profession. Initially, it involved mailing cards to physicians and their wives and placing flowers on the graves of deceased physicians.
It wasn’t until 1958 that the US House of Representatives adopted a resolution commemorating Doctors’ Day.
In 1990 several Mississippi legislators drafted a bill to make March 30 National Doctors’ Day.  George Bush signed this bill into law later that year.

A red carnation has traditionally been used as the symbol of Doctors’ Day.

Give your doctor a fist bump today.


  1. Now you tell us. I took homemade goodies and a card, either thank you or doctors day one, to every doctor I’ve had for the past year (except for a couple I’m no longer with). Those who had office rules against gifts, I let those doctors know in writing in their electronic record that I greatly appreciated their efforts.

  2. Seriously …how did I not know about this while working in the hospital for TWENTY years? I know there was secretary day and nurses day. maybe I was off on every single one? I HOPE so because I certainly would’ve at LEAST said, “Happy Doctors Day!” 🙂

    And I have never once brought any of my doctors anything or sent a card to say thank you on their special day. BUT …I’ve definitely baked and brought in baskets and plates of goodies to say thank you. And I plan to always remember to say thank you with something, to my urodoc at Christmas or some time during the year even when I am no longer going there (except for follow-up) …for all he did for me and getting me through the challenges and helping me avoid surgery and facilitating healing. It was a big deal for awhile.

    It’s fun to bake for them and others and I am so very grateful.

    Anyway …HAPPY DOCTOR’S DAY! 🙂 Happy Doctor’s day to you WC, Mrs WC and all other docs that come in here. 🙂

    Cyber fist bump sent your way! 🙂

    PS – Can a patient bring in a belated Happy Doctor’s Day dessert?

  3. On our unit we had a banner where all of us signed our thanks, then hung it above this lovely table loaded up with coffee, tea, and goodies….until word came down that JHACO was here and we had to shove everything into a side room, lest we get our asses handed to us.

    We were still grateful and appreciative though, for all the collaborative care and support physicians give.

    Except for maybe the one doctor who, despite his patient trying to elope umpteen times the night before and managed to wiggle out of his Posey and possessed ridiculously high levels of physical strength for a near 90 yo, basically refused to give him anything to calm him down.

    But the rest of you really rock 🙂

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