Healthcare Update — 03-05-2012


Also see the Satellite Edition of this week’s update at ER Stories.

What’s it like to try to save a child’s life and then fail? This trauma surgeon tells the sad story.

Patients gone wild. Pennsylvania woman beats on emergency department staff and is charged with aggravated assault and harassment.

$4.3 million settlement in case where surgeon causes laceration to aorta during gastric banding procedure. Patient developed renal failure and now has long term cognitive deficits.

Feds increase out of pocket healthcare costs for military but unionized civilian federal workers get a pass. Estimates are that a retired Army colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will soon have to pay $2,048 per year.

The logical next step to preventing drug diversion. Federal judge blocks company from shipping drugs from one of its distribution centers. Like there isn’t anywhere else for the pharmacies to get their drugs. Next look for pharmacies to be blocked from selling drugs. That ought to stop those wascally drug seekers.

An infectious etiology for acute strokes? 25% of patients with strokes have high levels of cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobin synthesis whereas only 2.5% of controls have the same levels of immunoglobin.

Brooklyn’s Brookdale Hospital has more than 100 pending lawsuits against it. Mouthpiece Joanne Doroshow calls the volume of suits “egregious” and says that there is “an epidemic of medical malpractice at this hospital.” Absolutely right. Because accusations of wrongdoing are perfectly correlated with quality of care. [eye roll]

Texas doctor accused of $375 million in Medicare fraud.

Plaintiff sues obstetrician for failing to get baby out quick enough and causing the baby to die. When that argument didn’t fly, the plaintiff then sued the obstetrician for performing an unnecessary c-section to get the baby out when the baby was already dead.

Obese kids (especially Hispanics) more likely to suffer from asthma. Why? Obese elderly patients are also up to nine times more likely to suffer from asthma.

Who are more likely to sue physicians — wealthy patients or poor patients? This study gives the answer and tries to answer some misconceptions about the relationship between money and health care.


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