I Think you are in the Doghouse



OK Ladies, how would you feel in this scenario? Suppose you were standing in an examining room with your husband, fully clothed, waiting for the ER doctor to come in and examine you for a slightly embarrassing problem. Suddenly, your husband, who is getting frustrated with waiting, opens the door and grabs the nearest doctor who is walking by. Leading him into the room, without any chance for an introduction or for you to change into a gown, your husband takes hold of your pants, and apparently not caring that you are not wearing any underwear, yanks them down to your ankles while asking the startled doctor “What do you think this rash is?!?!?!”

I bet he is sleeping on the sofa for at least a few days.


  1. I was waiting for the part where you said the guy that hubby grabbed turned out not to be a physician. 😉

    If it were me, husband would be in the doghouse big time. Does he think he’s the only one waiting? Does he think that taking out his frustration on others and treating his wife that way was appropriate?

    I’d be inclined to give him a few weeks on the couch to ponder these questions. Unless the ride home from the hospital featured a long and unreserved apology from him and plenty of responses on the order of “yes, dear, you’re absolutely right. I was a complete asshat.”

  2. No..nooo dog house WC… I’d just yank HIS pants down.. underwear and all, in the parking lot and then drive away… sans husband! 😉

    Okay.. that would be my fantasy.

    I’d really do what I’m now trained to do (like Pavlov’s dogs)when naked and medical staff walks in the room. I’d assume the Bajingoland position the second I saw a white coat or blue scrubs. 😉

    Okay.. the truth.. what would I *really* do?

    Calmly step out of them and pretend they’re not my pants ..offer my hand for a handshake and answer his questions like everything but the rash is normal. 😉

    Okay.. real truth.. fine.. I’d shriek from embarrASSment … then freeze in position from embarrASSment and wait for the doctor to speak. If I thought of it ..I’d apologize for my husband pulling him in there.

    And my husband would be barraged with words ..machine gun (rapid fire)questions mostly… with no time for answers as soon as the doc left and in the car.

    Then at some point..laugh and blog about it. 🙂

  3. Seaspray, “in the car” implies that the husband is allowed in the car. IMO, he would be walking…to his buddy’s house to stay until I calmed down. Wouldn’t want to make him become the next patient in the ED, this time for trauma.

  4. Don’t you think she maybe would have known her husband had the propensity to act like an idiot before she took him with her to hospital? Truly this was not the first time he behaved like a donkey…

  5. Lessons to learn:

    1) Don’t grab potentially random people.
    2) Don’t pull down your wife/girlfriends pants by surprise….ever.
    3) You want faster care, don’t go to the ER.

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