My Kind of Town …


While traveling to Chicago for a class that one of our daughters took earlier in the week, my wife was in the city for a total of about 15 minutes, was stopped at a light using the GPS function on her phone to find an address, was pulled over by a police officer, and was promptly given a $100 ticket for violating some ordinance about using handheld mobile devices without an earpiece.
As if the earpiece would have made any difference in mapping out the address.


Same 15 minute ride into Chicago to drop off my daughter at this class the following day. This time I drove and my daughter brought my camera. During those 15 minutes, my daughter snapped pictures of 10 different police cars, one tow truck on the prowl, and one traffic cop gabbing on her Bluetooth with enough tickets sticking out of her pocket to choke a horse.

Oh, and if you need to park for more than a few hours, it will cost you a cool $37.



  1. You could possibly beat this ticket if you say the car was in park while you were at the light:

    “Persons using a telephone while maintaining a motor vehicle in a stationary parked position, and not in gear.”

    A cop probably wouldn’t show up to the hearing anyways and you’d win by default.

  2. Have to say I approve of this, using a hand held phone has been proven to cause accidents. In UK the fine is £60($96).

  3. We lived in Downers Grove for a year…going to the City was spendy!! Parking anywhere is outrageous! I had to help a friend pick up her car from being impounded. A tow followed me the whole way to Wacker to see if I effed up going in…I drove around twice to piss him off…and then he was really mad that I got in and out without being pulled by the cop that was tailing him!! He tried hard, though…

    • I am from the south part of the state. Frankly driving in Chicago should be a crime.

      Then again we park our cars in East St Louis so we can catch the Metro Link to see the Cardinals (or Blues) play.

      Carbondale is pretty bad too about towing and tickets (though averaging only one DUI a week when SIU was in session seemed a bit low…).

      Outside of cities large and small though Illinois has some of the nicest roads in the country. Illinois 127 and US 50 particularly are some beautiful asphalt. Sure we our economy is wholy dependent on both the airforce base and the myriad of prisons holding Chicago’s exports, but there is Illinois outside of Chicago and it is nice.

  4. There would be no hassle or fine if you were dealing crack openly on the street.

    The Democrat lawyers running that town hate middle class people, and do not want you coming back. They want the city to be all government dependent crack heads for their votes for the Democratic Party lawyers.

    That hellish dystopia is coming to the entire country if Obama is re-elected. New York is far nastier and hostile to productive people.

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