Open Mic Weekend


It’s time for another episode of Open Mic Weekend and our special guest is … you.

All weekend everyone is welcome to post any medically-related comments, questions, or observations in the comments section. I’ll try to answer any questions on Monday.

As usual, the only rules for comments are that there are no personal attacks and that the comments/questions have to be medically-related.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Oh, and Go Irish!


  1. I get a yearly physical, actually a little more than a year apart, since the insurance won’t pay for one in less than 365 days. There I get a 12 month 30 pill per month prescription for blood pressure pills. Is there any way to avoid the hassle of filling in the extra month or so? Currently I halve 2 pills a month, and so build up a small surplus.

    • Talk to your doc about the situation. If you’ve been at the same one for a period of time, s/he should understand and be willing to write you an extra month after the original rx expires until you can get another appointment.

      • Most doctors will write you a refill for a month or two to get you through to your next appointment if you have one scheduled in the near future.

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