Open Mic Weekend


OK, so I didn’t get home until late yesterday, so it’s only a half-weekend.

So between shopping trips, you can still post any medically-related comments, questions, or observations in the comments section. I’ll try to answer any questions on Monday or Tuesday.

As usual, the only rules for comments are that there are no personal attacks and that the comments/questions have to be medically-related.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Only 9 shopping days until Christmas, you know.


    • I remember seeing a 12 month old child who had a RR of 120. I nearly crapped my pants when I was watching this kid struggle to breathe. I could barely believe how fast this kid was going. We see a lot of critically ill patients, but this kid had ME gasping for air. As it turned out, he had CHF from viral myocarditis – and I resuscitated him and got him admitted.

      Part of the difficulty with ER, is that we don’t always know what happens to our patients. Fast forward 2 years later, I walk in to see a 3 year old kid with an overdose. It was the same kid who ended up doing well and nearly fully recovered. He had gotten ahold of his Digoxin and drank the whole bottle. A Dig overdose is a really bad thing. On one had, I was happy that he was alive and acting like a 3 year old and getting into trouble. But on the other hand, I couldn’t believe that he was critically ill again.

      He survived his dig overdose, and I’ve never seen him again in the ED. Critically ill kids are a very rare entity in the ER. But the same kid twice – whoa.

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