Open Mic Weekend


theatre curtainIt’s been a year since I last did this and I’ve had a couple of people send me questions about medical issues. Interest has varied in previous Open Mics, so we’ll see how this one turns out.

Like Reddit, you can “Ask Me Anything” in the comments section and I’ll give you the best non-binding informational answer I can give you.  I’ll be back Tuesday to answer questions and any of the other readers who want to chime in are welcome to do so.

The only rules are that there are no personal attacks and that the comments/questions have to be medically-related.

Let the show begin …


  1. ThinkHarmReduction on

    This is the first time I’ve seen media coverage a celebrity overdose actually segueway into reasonably articulate discussions of addition and harm reduction (needle exchanges, narcan/naloxone kits for people at risk for overdose, pharmacotherapy for addiction, treatment options beyond 12 step programs). I’d like to suggest a few topics for reflection and action items that any health care provider might consider.

    * Think about you and your colleagues opiate/benzodiazepine prescribing habits. Are you over-prescribing?
    * Do you know who in your community specializes in addiction medicine or pain management and how to refer patients to them?
    * If your state has a prescription monitoring program do know how to access the data and review your patients history?
    * Do you have access to a point of care urine drug screen at your facility to immediately assess your patients status?
    * Do you know where in your community patients can safely and legally dispose of unused medications?

  2. Are there any medical schools that respect constitutional rights in the US? I had a horrible experience at a certain school that was abusive, so not I am more cautious. I am also now a conscientious objector, so freedom of expression is more important. NO military affiliations period. I also do NOT believe in the chain of command and believe I should always exercise independent judgment. So there needs to be absolute academic freedom.

    • Don’t have a specific answer for you.

      Try looking around on the Student Doctor Network message boards.

      However, if you are openly and aggressively anti-authority. I think you’re going to have problems at most schools you attend – especially if your independent judgment could potentially lead to patient harm.

      Think about how you would react if your child (or younger sibling or nephew) demanded to do whatever he wanted under the veil of “independent judgment”. Would you let them drive a car? Run heavy machinery? Make decisions that could affect someone else’s life?

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