Quote of the Day #106


A patient came in because she had a yeast infection that wasn’t responding to over the counter medications. She had significant itching and burning down below, so I did a gyne exam to make sure that it wasn’t anything else but a candida infection going on.

The exam showed a significant yeast infection with a lot of irritation. As I was removing the speculum, the patient says:
“You’ll probably find it ironic that I work in a bakery.”

Actually, I found it funny that she worked in a bakery.

The timing of her comment … that was a little strange.


  1. In case someone IS left wondering that bread making can cause vaginal infection, these are totally different beasts (sorry yeasts). Saccharomyces cerevisiae ( for bread/ wine) vs Candida albicans (most common culprit in vaginal infection).

  2. A lot of patients with treatment-resistant yeast infections have exposure to baking yeast (either themselves or their spouses/whatevers).

  3. I am constantly amazed at what patients will say.
    I was mid-bimanuel and my patient says, “doesn’t this make you feel gay?”
    Um, not really. But now I am a bit uncomfortable…

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