The Forgotten Candidate?


I’m not going to start political debates on this blog, but I had to post a couple of things relating to how the Republican race is shaping up.

First, is John Stewart’s rant about how the mainstream media is treating Ron Paul like the “13th floor on a hotel”. Paul came in second in the Ames straw poll, but few in the mainstream media seem to be mentioning his name.


Then is Steven Colbert’s discussion about the Ames Straw Poll itself.
Apparently it is common practice for candidates to give away admission tickets to the straw poll. Bachmann’s campaign purchased 6000 admission tickets at $30 apiece and distributed them to her supporters. Unfortunately, only 4823 people voted for her in the straw poll. Paul gave out 4,750 tickets and got 4,671 votes. Colbert notes that “Bachmann got a commanding 80% of the votes she paid for.”—iowa-straw-poll-results

Shaping up to be an interesting next few months.



  1. Ron Paul can’t win because the media won’t give him any love.

    They won’t give him any love because he “can’t win.”

    Isn’t that just about the definition of a catch 22?

  2. I agree with what Wayne Conrad said.

    This country truly NEEDS Ron Paul!!!

    Those that pull the political strings, and also have control of major media, (i.e. Bilderbergers) do not want Ron Paul to be mentioned, because he will not follow their agenda to complete the ruin of the USA allowing for One World Government by them, or their puppets.

    I wrote in Ron Paul in the last election, and will again if he is blocked from getting on the ballot.

    Vote Ron Paul for Predident!!

    Ron Paul is the ONLY hope that this nation has for survival.

  3. I’m just waiting for someone other than a career politician to have a real chance. Sorry, but Ron Paul doesn’t count when this is his second attempt.

    • He’s run for President quite a few more times than just twice. Being able to simultaneously run for president and defend your seat in congress that many times is nothing other than having a career in politics.

  4. Ron Paul was so off base with Iran and he is too much of an isolationist. I like that he calls i t like he sees it, but just don’t agree with him.

    Videos funny. I love Jon Stewart because he calls out both parties.

    if these clips weren’t edited is an eye opener regarding shutting someone out.

    Too early for me to know who I will pick, but it’s going to be interesting.

  5. Well, Dr Paul is a certified looney John Birch Society goofball. That’s why. Still, he should get more attention – so people can see how totally not in line with mainstream America is ideas are.

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