Why Bother?

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Doctor: “No, I’m not giving you a prescription for Levaquin for your ‘sinus infection’ of the past 12 hours. You don’t have a sinus infection and even if you did, antibiotics aren’t effective in treating sinus infections.”

Patient’s husband: “Come on, honey. We’ll just go to the walk-in clinic at the pharmacy. They’ll give us any antibiotics that we want.”

Which makes me want to do a personal hidden camera expose on walk-in pharmacy clinics.

Enjoy your infectious colitis, neuropathy, seizures and tendinopathy (among other side effects), ma’am. It will be about a week until the Levaquin “breaks up” that infection – which is coincidentally about the same amount of time that it would take for the “infection” to “break up” if you ingested eye of newt for the same problem.


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