WTF Moments #989 and #990


A man hurriedly walks into the emergency department, comes up to the triage window, bangs on the bell several times even though the nurse is sitting right there and says in a loud voice “Ma’am! I need a denture cup real quick!”
I’m still having difficulty figuring out the emergency that requires a stat denture cup.
He never came back after getting a styrofoam cup.

Later in the day, I’m dictating a chart note. A man was in his garage using a power drill when the bit slipped and cut his finger.
I dictated “Patient was using a power drill in his garage.”
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Edition came up with “Patient was using a power drill on his crotch.”
Glad I caught that one.


  1. I still love Dragon! We have a client who loves to leave letters as messages and it makes it easier to “dictate”!!

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  3. I think when I get old and retired, I’m going to go from ER to ER pulling stuff like that. Fake a seizure in the waiting room, run in and yell that my daughter is out in the car having a baby, sit in the waiting room and sell bottles of aspirin as ” oxycontin” to the druggies,…….

  4. I just laughed my head off at a post on Madness- the lady with the “Fibromyalgia ” medical bracelet. I figured WC really needed to see it !

  5. One of the EMRAP lecturers this month spoke of a radiologist that configured his voice recognition software so that when he dicates “Satan’s asshole” it transcribes “elevated D-dimer.”

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