ACEP 2019 Videos

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Weren’t able to make it out to ACEP 2019? EPM was on hand and met with several inventors to discuss their latest creations. We’ll have longer form videos/interviews up soon, but here’s just a sample of some of what we encountered this year.

Mark meets with Roman Iospa of Diaton Tonometer to try out the Diaton device, which allows for non-corneal tonometery.


At the kick-off of ACEP 2019 in Denver, CO, EPM Executive Editor catches up with EPM’s Editor-In-Chief Judith Tintinalli to discuss her recent busy travel schedule and upcoming conference stops.

Mark Plaster has kept his wedding ring on for over 44 years. The guys at Ring Rescue think they’re up to the challenge of removing it. Let’s find out who comes out victorious.



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