Book Review: Physician Suicide Letters

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A book review of Physician Suicide Letters by Pamela Wible, MD

PhysicianSuicideLettersCoverPerhaps it sounds like a strange thing to say about a book focused on suicide, but above all else I found Dr. Wible’s book moving and even uplifting — in the same paradoxical way that “Schindler’s List” was uplifting, despite its unswerving focus on the Holocaust.

Yes, this book is full of pain. But it is also a powerful vessel of compassion, caring, love, and even hope. The author shines the light of truth on a horrific problem, yet she also allows the incredible spirit of the letter writers, and her own spirit, to shine through with penetrating force and lucidity.


Why are medical students and doctors taking their lives in alarming numbers? Dr. Wible ends the silence on that question and she does so in the words of the letters the departed have left behind. She makes the roots of this tragedy clear and emotionally accessible, even if the nearest you’ve been to the medical profession is your annual checkup. Dr. Wible also makes it clear we can no longer afford to ignore this hidden epidemic. Fortunately, her book will go a long way toward bringing physician suicide the new level of energy, public and professional attention, and urgency that it deserves. Highly recommended!


See also Pamela’s TEDMED talk based on the book; plus an interview with the author and Dr. Andrew’s QuantiaMD presentation on Clinician Suicide.


* Reprinted with permission from Amazon Reviews


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