1. She doesn’t mention anything about how bad our system is now, how poorly EDs serve the primary care patien (and expensively), nor how successful national healthcare is in EVERY other western nation.

    I’m curious if her elderly relative refused Medicare because it is government controlled.

  2. The point she is making is that Emergency Physicians clearly have a legal mandate to treat (EMTALA)and yet this isn’t even in the DISCUSSION when government healthcare programs are debated. Further, the point with Obama “dressed” as a Physician further makes the point that 1. Government will be your new Doctor 2. The Government will be dictating care based upon reimbursement rates for eligible treatments 3. Perhaps instead of Obama in a white coat, a true representative of the health care field should be on the cover.
    Dressing as a Physician still does not make you capable of making decisions regarding health care, just ask my 5 year old when he wears his white coat!

  3. Go to any ED in a state where there’s a lot of “immigrants” (legal or not.) The waiting room is full. About half the patients do not pay a thing. Yes, why isn’t EMTALA in the discussion. No, we don’t want to be heartless. But what other business let’s half its patrons eat for free?

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