EP Talk Ep. 2 – Director’s Chat With Mike Silverman

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Most of us have worked for bad ED directors from time to time.  But I got to work for Mike Silverman when he was a relatively new director.  And from the start I knew that Mike was special.

And while leading a groups of emergency physicians can be like herding a bunch of ornery cats, it was clear that “he got leadership.”


That’s why he has a permanent spot on the front page of Emergency Physicians Monthly.  Join me on EP Talk to meet Mike and pick up a few pearls on leadership in the ED, whether you are an ED Director, active or aspiring.  Or whether you are a staff physician and you just need a solid answer to some of the ED’s thorniest questions.  Listen in as I interview the author of Director’s Corner.


FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE EDITOR Dr. Plaster has been an emergency physician for more than 30 years, working exclusively night shifts for the past 20 years in emergency departments across the country. During that period, he joined the U.S. Navy and served two tours in Iraq. Dr. Plaster is the founder and executive editor of Emergency Physicians Monthly and the founder of Plaster Publishing.

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