EPM Talk Ep. 69 – ED ECMO and the future of cardiac arrest: Part 2

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In part 2 with Zack Shinar from the ED ECMO Podcast, we cover several topics surrounding ECMO.

What is ECMO and why are we doing it? What is Resuscitative ECMO compared to ECPR? What does the literature say about ECPR efficacy? Who should be placed on ECMO? Zack tells us about some of the logistical barriers to starting and improving ECPR programs and so much more!


Most importantly, check out the new book compiled and edited by Zack Shinar and Jenelle Badulak titled “ECPR and Resuscitative ECMO.” This book is a MUST HAVE on your shelf if you are considering ECPR or just want to learn more. It is basic enough that anyone can learn the basics and detailed enough to build the framework for your own ECPR program.


FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE EDITOR Dr. Plaster has been an emergency physician for more than 30 years, working exclusively night shifts for the past 20 years in emergency departments across the country. During that period, he joined the U.S. Navy and served two tours in Iraq. Dr. Plaster is the founder and executive editor of Emergency Physicians Monthly and the founder of Plaster Publishing.

Jondavid "JD" Landon, MD, RDCS, RDMS is a community faculty member of Emergency Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He is fellowship trained in ultrasound with interests in critical care, cardiac arrest and ECPR.

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