Here’s a Calendar to Help You Plan the Year’s Finances

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Your 2016 tax returns might be well in the rearview mirror, but now isn’t the time to get financially lazy. Just like preparing for the ABEM Concert exam, taking your LLSA tests (aren’t those fun?), and getting your CME, keeping your financial house in order is an ongoing requirement – if you want to build wealth that is! So I’ve put together a sample year-round financial planning calendar you can use to make sure your finances are always up-to-date. Month by month I’ve listed the main action steps you need to take within various parts of your financial life. You can customize this for your own situation, or if you’ve hired a good financial planner, that person should be guiding you throughout the year. Notice that some tasks are repetitive — to stay on top of your finances, you’ve got to review them regularly.

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Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP® is board certified in EM and is the president of Physician Wealth Solutions Inc., a wealth management firm helping physicians with financial planning and investment management.

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