ICEM 2014: Tintinalli Headlines & Holliman Assumes Presidency

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On June 11, EPM Editor-in- Chief and renowned educator Judith Tintinalli took to the stage in Hong Kong to address the 2014 International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM). With more than 2000 attendees, this biennial meeting is the largest gathering of emergency physicians outside of the ACEP Scientific Assembly. More importantly, it’s the largest comprehensive gathering of “global emergency physicians” – those EPs committed to seeing the specialty develop around the world.

ICEM was co-hosted by the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) – the only global body of physicians promoting emergency care as a global health issue – and the Hong Kong Society of Emergency Medicine.


This year’s ICEM was also the stage for a change in leadership. After a 4-year term, IFEM president Peter Cameron passed the baton to Dr. James Holliman, a Hershey, Pennsylvania-based emergency physician who has been involved with global emergency medicine development for decades. Currently Holliman serves as the editorial director
of Emergency Physicians International.

In 2016, ICEM will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, followed by Mexico City in 2018. Beginning 
in 2019, ICEM will move to an annual meeting, though the 2019 host country has yet to be determined.

Logan Plaster is the Managing Editor of Emergency Physicians Monthly.


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