Interview with Setu Mazumdar Finance Columnist


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  1. Dr. Mazumdar,
    What management strategies enable you to balance having a career in emergency medicine with your other professional career successfully? Are your colleagues in both fields amenable to the demands of your schedule and professional endeavors? Have you written articles about how this developed?

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    To answer your first question, I work full time now as a financial planner and investment advisor specifically serving physicians. My goal is to empower physicians to take control of their financial lives. I still work about 4 shifts per month as a physician. At times the juggling act can be tough. I think one of the biggest management strategies is having support of my family in making this transition. The second is having systems and processes in place for all of my clients to increase my efficiency. The third is that this was planned out for the past several years, and I had a financial plan for myself to make the career change.

    To the second question, I’ve received tremendous support from physicians who practice clinical medicine and my colleagues in the financial planning world. Physicians have told me that they wish they could do something outside of medicine but don’t have the means to take the next step and so they are impressed that they know someone who has actually decided to “walk the walk.” My financial planning colleagues–especially fee only advisors–have given me great coaching and have told me about pitfalls to avoid.

    To the third question, I have not yet written an article about this, except you can read a short story on my blog at [url][/url]. I plan to write about it soon. Perhaps the editor of this magazine will allow me to write a piece on career transitions and tell my story.

    Again, thanks for reading my articles and watching the video. If you have any further questions, you can reach me at or call me at 404-816-9555 or go to my website at [url][/url].

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