More Disruption Please – SimX, Through the Cords and WoundZipper

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Three innovations to make education and procedures easier.

ACEP and AngelMD have partnered to introduce innovative medical equipment and technology as part of ACEP’s annual Scientific Assembly.

ACEP17’s InnovatED featured SimX, an augmented reality teaching platform, and WoundZipper, a novel device for wound closure using magnets.  AngelMD will host a “shark tank” competition at ACEP18’s InnovatED that will feature Through the Cord’s articulated introducer.


SimX: Augmented and Virtual Reality Meet Medical Education

SimX is the only wireless, multiplayer medical simulation platform using Virtual Reality (VR) for medical education.  The SimX system can be used for training both procedures and diagnostic skills with simulated cases designed by the Emergency Physicians on the SimX team.

More Disruption SimX pic

Compared to using mannequins and cadaver labs, SimX is less expensive, more portable and can create a simulated environment with patients of all demographics: a pediatric patient in the trauma bay, an elderly patient in an exam room and a skier in the back of a helicopter.  Check out their product demos at


Through the Cords: Articulated Introducer for Video Laryngoscopy

A common problem with airway devices is that traditional equipment is designed for direct laryngoscopy instead of innovative video laryngoscopy. Through the Cords (TTC) has solved this problem by creating an articulated introducer specifically designed for video-assisted intubations. Using the hand-held device pictured below, physicians can control introducer tip’s shape and position in real time and with more precision than any device currently available.


Additionally, the intuitive depth control system allows easy control of device depth in the trachea during intubation. When the green portion of the tip is at the cords, the tip is at mid-trachea. TTC holds granted utility, provisional and design patents.

They will be featured at AngelMD’s “shark tank” competition at ACEP18’s InnovatED. TTC won a similar competition at the 2018 American Society of Anesthesiologists. Learn more about Through the Cords by visiting



WoundZipper uses magnets to close linear lacerations.  This allows for quicker and less painful wound closure. Compared to traditional wound closure, WoundZipper is faster than using sutures or staples, less traumatic for children, does not involve painful injections and does not require the disposal of sharps.


This new technique is for superficial lacerations only. It is based on two patents, but has not yet been cleared for sale in the United States. WoundZipper is currently looking for academic centers to assist them with research of this product. If you are interested, contact them at [email protected] Go to to see a product demonstration and learn more.


John Dayton is an emergency physician and entrepreneur. He is the first Medical Innovation and Design Fellow at Stanford’s Department of Emergency Medicine.  In addition to prior service as President of Utah ACEP, he also founded Utah’s Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, advises medical startups and venture capital firms, and founded MedForums, a ‘yelp’ for medical education. He can be reached via email at [email protected].

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