App Review: 10 Second EM, Orthobullets, GoodRx for Doctors

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A monthly menu of healthcare apps you can actually put to use.

The Essential App: 10 Second EM
10 Second EM is a rapid reference tool for ACLS, PALS, RSI, and pressor meds. It also features a database of toxidromes, orthopedic imaging guidelines, and scoring tools like the Wells Criteria and NIH Stroke Scale. Some of the other popular features include a “Code Timer,” ventilator management guidelines, and dosing references for meds used during STEMIs and CVAs. This app costs $4.99 for iOS and $2.99 for Android.

The Specialty App: Bullets (Orthobullets)
Orthobullets was created to be both a reference tool and facilitate medical training. The app features a database of musculoskeletal injuries and treatment videos. For residents, Orthobullets includes both a QBank and the “PASS Testmaster.” For practicing docs, it offers CME. The app is free for both iOS and Android.


The Professional App: GoodRx for Doctors
GoodRx was created to help patients and prescribers find out which pharmacy offers the best price for their medications. It’s a reliable resource to help respond to: “Doc, I can’t afford that med!” or “How much will that cost me?” Patients can download their own version as well for reference. Both the patient and physician versions are free for both iOS and Android.

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John Dayton is an emergency physician and entrepreneur. He is the first Medical Innovation and Design Fellow at Stanford’s Department of Emergency Medicine.  In addition to prior service as President of Utah ACEP, he also founded Utah’s Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, advises medical startups and venture capital firms, and founded MedForums, a ‘yelp’ for medical education. He can be reached via email at [email protected].

Dr. Lacocque is an EMS & Disaster Medicine Fellow at UCSF-ZSFG and serves as the EMS Section Editor for EM Resident Magazine, EMRA's official publication.

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