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altWe polled 478 EPs on workforce issues.
Here’s what you had to say

Emergency Physicians Monthly polled 478 EPs on workforce issues. Here’s what you had to say…
Greener Pastures 
Nearly one in three emergency physicians*
report that they wish they’d chosen a different medical specialty
*30% of respondents
18 Percent of respondents who have had a salary or hourly rate reduction in the last year
What keeps you practicing EM?
a few random reader responses
  • I like the challenge, the procedures, the patients, the lifestyle 
  • I love what I do 
  • The team work with nurses and other medical staff 
  • I love the group I work with 
  • The 5-on-5-off schedule 
  • My life style kicks ass 
  • Stability and time flexibility 
  • It is my calling 
  • I still can’t believe they pay me to do this 
  • The personal growth I’ve experienced 
  • I’m good at it and it pays the bills 
  • The teaching of residents  EM is real medicine; It’s why I went to medical school
How (ill)prepared is your ED for the “Gray Tsunami”
of Aging Baby Boomers?


45 Percent of respondents say their emergency departments are NOT fully staffed. Of those needing more help, the average coverage needed was 2.4 additional full time physicians.
44 Percent of respondents report they routinely work more hours than they would like because of understaffing issues
35 Percent of respondents plan on leaving emergency medicine for another career in the future.
65 Percent of respondents got a raise within the last two years. For 15%, it’s been five years or more. 


1 Comment

  1. Unfortunately, I am not surprised by the results of this poll. Physicians are frustrated and many feel trapped. In response to this, I am helping organize an event called the Medical Fusion conference that aims to teach physicians how to leverage their medical training in order to expand their careers. The website is and the event will be at the Wynn resort in Las Vegas this November 13-15, 2009. Our hope is to help frustrated physicians learn new ways to use their medical skills in a variety of niche areas including writing, medical journalism, venture capital, film/tv, entrepreneurship, medical devices, and law among others. We invite all EPs to come spend some time learning new ways to apply their knowledge.

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