App Review: MDCalc, Pedi STAT, One Minute Ultrasound

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Need to know loading dose for Keppra in a 5kg kid? What labs do you get for a porphyria exacerbation? Want to review renal ultrasound technique on the way to your next patient with flank pain? We got you. We’ll be giving you a handful of apps every month so you can put that computer in your pocket to work, not only when you have a little extra time between patients, but also when you’re at the head of the bed getting ready to intubate.

The Essential App: MDCalc
A handy app you can use every day


This is my go to app when I need help remembering medical calculations, scores, and algorithms. I might use it if I need a little help remembering all the EKG changes for Sgarbossa Criteria, components of the PERC criteria, or labs you need to use the LRINEC score to check for necrotizing infections. MDCalc is designed by an emergency physician, Dr. Graham Walker, who does a great job of keeping the app up to date. Available on iOS and Android.

The Specialized App: Pedi STAT
You may not need it every shift, but when you do, you’ll be happy to have it.


This app gives you weight, height or age-based dosages of all the critical meds, equipment and vent settings you need for those sick kids, right at the bedside. $4.99 on both iOS and Android. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for some promo codes.

The Educational App: One Minute Ultrasound
This download will help you brush up and stay sharp.

This app will help you brush up on your ultrasound skills in the time it takes you to start the machine up. One-minute videos reviewing technique and images of the most common scans. Free for iOS and Android.



John Dayton is an emergency physician and entrepreneur. He is the first Medical Innovation and Design Fellow at Stanford’s Department of Emergency Medicine.  In addition to prior service as President of Utah ACEP, he also founded Utah’s Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, advises medical startups and venture capital firms, and founded MedForums, a ‘yelp’ for medical education. He can be reached via email at

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  1. the ultrasound app is an old version that the US guys haven’t updated and “may slow down your iPhone”, there is a newer updated version for approx -$3 called emergency medicine ultrasound

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